Stinako d.o.o.

The Stinako family company was established at the end of 2003. In 2004, we began to actively pursue the areas of maintenance and lifting equipment abroad. The subsequent development and recruitment of additional qualified personnel in the field of welding has led to development of equipment and piping system installation activities in the coming years that we have performed for the most exacting electricity generation and distribution facilities, for the pharmaceutical industry and in the area of cooling systems.

Years of dedicated work and continuous improvement have steered our operations into four main directions:

– lifting technology installation,
– installation of the most demanding piping systems for exacting electricity generation and distribution facilities, for the pharmaceutical industry and in the area of cooling systems,
– power station and boiler maintenance,
– proprietary production.

We perform the above services mainly in Central Europe as well as elsewhere around the world: Iceland, Finland, Qatar, Russia, etc.


The company currently employs 85 people and has a fleet of 22 vehicles for the transport of people. When the company relocated to the new business and production facility, we began financing the start-up of our own production. The production activity is mainly geared towards the manufacture of pressure vessels and complex pipelines made of stainless materials.

Our desire to ensure the highest quality of services and safety at work have led us to undergo certification for the following standards:

-EN ISO 9001
-AD 2000 Merkblatt HP0
-ÖNORM EN ISO 3834-2
-EN 1090

We have also certified our welding procedures for the groups of materials 5.1. and 8.2 of the following standards:

-AD 2000
-EN ISO 15614-1

You can find detailed information about the standards acquired under the CERTIFICATES tab.



Establishment of the company

At the end of 2003, Zlatko Rukelj founded Stinako d.o.o.

Start of operations

The company started with its first projects, which Zlatko Rukelj managed on the basis of his extensive past experience. The projects started in the field of pipeline installation, but in the second half of the year the company already penetrated the EU market, where it also started to operate in the field of prefabricated lifting technology.

Production hall with office space built

Construction of the business premises started in 2011 and was fully completed in December 2012, ready for the relocation of the entire company to the new site.

Second production hall built and own production started

The successful start-up of our own production is the result of major investments in 2018. We invested in the construction of an additional production hall, a laser sheet cutting machine and a sheet bending machine. In the first production hall, the materials are cut and prepared for assembly, which takes place in the second production hall.

Purchase of a 3D metal printing machine

The start of a new chapter in manufacturing, with a global focus on AM (Additive Manufacturing). In this way, we want to be the first in Slovenia to raise the level of quality and offer with the Trumpf TruPrint 3000. At the same time, we want to provide our existing and new partners with endless possibilities in product manufacturing.