Movable Stages

As a provider of complete solutions, we perform installation of movable stages for opera houses, concert and music halls. Because our clients require high performance systems, we have specialised in the installation of complex movable stages that are mostly controlled by electric motors.

The motors are then connected with ropes, chains, screws or hydraulics. We specialise in the installation of the following lifting machinery:

– lifting platforms;
– steel wire drives;
– mobile lifting units;
– stage wagons;
– stage revolves;
– super-silent winches;
– hydraulic drives;
– push-pull chain and screw drives.


We build a platform according to the customer’s wishes which uses drives and ropes to create the desired effects:

– lifting of opera/theatre curtains;
– bridges for speakers;
– lighting effects;
– safety curtains;
– partitioned and acoustics shutters;
– fire safety doors;
– various platforms.