Power Station Maintenance

Regular maintenance of thermal power stations and electricity generation and distribution facilities is important for both the facility operators and maintenance providers. An unmaintained or poorly maintained facility can cause a power outage, damage or – in the worst case scenario – the destruction of the equipment built into it that is crucial for customers.

The maintenance of thermal power stations requires a temporary shutdown of the station. This is followed by the replacement or repair of the existing elements that must be conducted by qualified and experienced personnel. Replacement and repairs can be carried out in most cases through a combination of welding procedures carried out by a suitably qualified welder. After the replacement and repair procedures, the plant is started up whereby we monitor the behaviour of materials closely. In the end, we perform corrections and complete start-up of the plant.

The maintenance of such facilities mainly involves the replacement of existing pipework and its components with new ones. These can be made of ferrous or stainless materials depending on the type of facility.