Boiler Room Maintenance

Boiler rooms are facilities where the boiler (furnace) plays a central role as it ensures sufficient heat energy for the heating of the facility and, as appropriate, also the preparation of domestic hot water. They differ with respect to the substance used for firing and the size of space they take up. The majority of boiler rooms use fuel oil, gas or solid fuels.

Uninterrupted and seamless operation of boiler rooms requires regular maintenance as the high temperatures in the boiler cause deformations and cracks in individual materials.

Our suitably qualified personnel performs a pressure test and inspection of the existing piping before replacing the individual elements. The data so obtained allows us to determine the rate of wear and tear and welding procedures. This is followed by the disassembly of existing elements and the installation of new ones by welding. After welding, we perform annealing (in accordance with the prescribed diagram) of boiler room pipework. Following a positive X-ray examination, we perform a pressure test under the prescribed pressure and start up the boiler.